"The illiterate of the future will be the person ignorant of the use of the camera as well as of the pen." -Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, 1936

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Monday, February 11, 2008

The Selected 30 and the Unselected 25 for the XP Class of 2008

I have finally chosen 30 names from 55 applicants. Sorry, I have to limit the class in order to be effective and to fit into the lab. So here are the Selected 30:
1. 42404121 Anna Halim
2. 42405004 Hendry Prabowo
3. 42405014 Sonya Y.J.
4. 42405023 Andre Ruland
5. 42405031 Jesica Jeanette
6. 42405037 Jerry
7. 42405038 F.Grace
8. 42405046 Stefanus Angkawijay
9. 42405049 Maria Hendriani
10. 42405057 Jonas N.
11. 42405060 Sandra F.
12. 42405070 Yoansevin Kansil
13. 42405075 Angga Andinata
14. 42405076 Andreas B.S.S.
15. 42405077 Antonius Teiseran
16. 42405091 Meilisa
17. 42405116 Sheraphine Friska G.
18. 42405117 Ivan P.
19. 42405118 Maximilian Y.C.
20. 42405122 Osel Gunarso
21. 42405123 Arianto Widjaja
22. 42405135 Christiandi
23. 42405144 Asthararianty
24. 42405155 Yogo Adi P.
25. 42405190 Pangky Purwanto
26. 42405191 Gratia Feranica M.
27. 42405213 Yohanes Chandra
28. 42405217 Andi A. Theys
29. 42408125 Ignatius Elowinnoto
30. 42408143 Junaidi Wirawan

and the Unselected:
1. 42404060 C.
2. 42405013 H.K.H.
3. 42405022 R.P.
4. 42405032 Z.S.
5. 42405042 Y.D.
6. 42405043 L.B.
7. 42405061 A.
8. 42405062 F.
9. 42405078 R.S.
10. 42405086 R.
11. 42405093 S.K.
12. 42405095 C.F.
13. 42405106 T.P.D.
14. 42405108 M.R.
15. 42405131 N.A.
16. 42405137 T.A.
17. 42405139 F.S.
18. 42405143 H.H.
19. 42405159 O.P.
20. 42405163 R.Y.H.
21. 42405175 E.W.
22. 42405189 T.
23. 42405202 D.W.
24. 42405221 A.C.R.H.
25. 42405228 O.

For those unselected, please cancel the XP class immediately and enter your second elective class on the next registration period. Don't be dismayed. You can still join the xpdigital mailing list (follow the link on the sidebar), and of course you can check out this blog also anytime you like.

For those of you selected, please join the xpdigital mailing list, since this will be our way of communicating outside class. If you decide to cancel your registration for the XP class, please contact me and let me know immediately.

I have considered the portfolio applications from many aspects. But I can summarize an overall view of the works. Many are promising and have the skills and tools as advanced to professional photographers. There will be many exciting works from this batch of class.

Here are some tips on submiting your photo portfolio to anywhere, not just for this class:
The files must be easily loaded/opened/downloaded, in JPEGs, don't submit large files if they're not requested. If they are, then have a special folder for smaller 72 ppi viewing-size files in JPEGs. Then have the large files be in a separate folder clearly named.
And also recheck your burned CD, if it's readable or have errors in it.
If there aren't a requested amount of photos, send not too few and not too many photos. Around 20 is generally good to give an idea about your work and your interest. To few leaves the viewer clueless, too many gives the impression that you can't pick out good photos from the bad, and takes too much of the viewer's time.
Only include your best. Be a good critic of your own work. Leave out the bad and the ordinary photos. Strive for extraordinary. But sometimes there are good bad-photos --photos that show you are really experimenting on something.
Show unique interest in something, or show more personal and thematic photo projects instead of technical class assignments.
And always be honest (as in "technical honesty", we can see it in the Metadata, haha.., but more than that is the "artistic honesty," your expression and passion and seriousness for photography that is visible and readable between the pictures).